Volunteering at Innominate


Innominate, like all Eastercons, is run by volunteers. Every single volunteer is important and a much needed part of our community. Without them before, during and after the convention we would not be able to run.

Volunteering is a great way to get to know new people and try something you haven't done before. We also reward volunteers with Groats which can be exchanged for food and beverages at the convention.

We need people to do the following

  • Help set-up the convention on the Thursday evening.
  • Join the Art team and learn from the best
  • Be mentored by the Tech team and help them tech the convention
  • Be a gopher, a general at-con helper usually doing small tasks for short periods
  • Help tear down the convention on Monday after and evening.

If you want to find out more, you can email us at info@eastercon2017.uk, fill in the below form, or come to Conrunner 4. Conrunner is a small convention for people who organiseb and work on fan-run conventions. Many of the organizers of Innominate and the Eastercon for 2018Follyconwill be in attendance. You may find a new and interesting way to get involved - including a group to run a future Eastercon

You will be able to sign up as a volunteer at the convention, but it would be great if you would consider joining us beforehand so we can keep in touch with you, know how much help you can offer is and what you are able to do. Sometimes we have bonus offers for volunteers and knowing who our volunteers are in advance helps with that - and with communicating them to you.

No experience is necessary, but if you are particularly interested in using skills you have (such as AV skills, electrical work, theatre management, setting up art-shows), please let us know.

This year we are especially looking for volunteers for the convention build on Thursday evening and Friday morning. No experience is necessary and if that is all the time you can offer we will still be very grateful. Just enter "BUILD" in the area you want to volunteer for.

Volunteer for Innominate

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