On Sunday of INNOMINATE we will be having a special performance by one of the world’s leading Ondes Martenot players, Thomas Bloch ("unquestionably a virtuoso” The New York Times) and harpist Pauline Haas who have recently been on tour performing music from the films of David Lynch with his composer Angelo Badalamenti.

These instruments have been used extensively in film tracks and Thomas has arranged and recorded music for Blade Runner 2049 with David Villeneuve, The 5th Element (Luc Besson), Being Human (BBC), Harry Potter (Fluffy’s Harp) and Cassanova (Rota/Fellini) as well as Feuillets Inedits (unpublished work) by Messiaen. Travelling from France, these fine virtuosi promise to make an amazing evening of this rarely performed music. There will be a chance to meet the performers after the recital.

One part of this recital will be the first public performance of the music from the new film "Blade Runner 2049" by Johann Johannsson. The full programme for the recital is below

Adagio und Rondo K.617 (W. A. Mozart)                                                       - "Amadeus"

Mémoire d’Anna (Cyril Morin)                                                                         - "Mafiosa"

Chant d’Atalyante (Jean-René Combes)                                                         - "Atalyante"

Feuillets Inédits (Olivier Messiaen)                                                                   -

Thème de Laura Palmer (Angelo Badalamenti)                                              - "Twin Peaks"

Heroes dies (Richard Wells)                                                                               - "Being Human"

Adagio opus 11 (Samuel Barber)                                                                      - "Elephant Man"

Quelques songes sur pont suspendu (Michel Redolfi)                                       - "Twenty Thousand Leagues  Under the Sea"

Music from Blade Runner 2029 (Johann Johannsson)                                    - "Blade Runner 2049"

La lyre d’Ys (Pauline Haas)                                                                                -

Formule (Thomas Bloch)                                                                                    - "Monk"

O Venezia, Venaga, Venusia (Nino Rota)                                                          - "Casanova"

Christ Hall (Thomas Bloch)                                                                                -

Fantaisie sur des thèmes de Lucia di Lammermoor (Gaetano Donizetti)      - "The 5th Element"

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