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Join Here

Advance Rates

Our advance rates are available on-line to 7 April 2017. But we will stop accepting any postal memberships posted after the 31 March 2017. Our rates are:

  • £80 - Adult over 25 years old
  • £55 - Adult who is unwaged
  • £55 - Young Adult under 26 years old
  • £20 - Child under 16 years old
  • £1 - Infant under 6 years old 
All ages relate to your age on 14 April 2017. We also have available on-line advance Adult, YA and Concession day memberships. The rates are:

  • £20 Friday / £15 YA/Concesssion
  • £30 Saturday & Sunday / £20 YA/Concession
  • £10 Monday / £5 YA/Concession
Advance days rates for children  are not available.

Door Rates

Our at the door rates will only be available in-person at registration. Our full membership rates will be

  • £90 - Adult over 25 years old
  • £60 - Adult who is unwaged on 14 April 2017
  • £60 - Young Adult under 26 years old
  • £25 - Child under 16 years old
  • £5 - Infant under 6 years old
All ages relate to your age on 14 April 2017. We will also have a full range of Adult, YA, Concession and Child day rates available at the door. They are

                   Adult       Y.A.       Conc.     Child
Friday          £25           £20          £20          £5
Saturday     £35           £25          £25         £10
Sunday        £35           £25          £25         £10
Monday       £15           £10           £10        Free

Online Registration

Our online registration site is now active and you can register and purchase memberships through this site. The process is as follows:

  • Click on the "Register Online" button at the top of this page. This will take you to our online registration site
  • Fill in the online membership form with information about all those you wish register, at least one of these must include a valid email address for you to receive your online receipts. Up to six individuals can be registered in a single transaction. Once you have complete the form click on the "Proceed to payment page". This will (a) send you an email receipt listing the details of everyone your are registering and (b) take you to the payment page.
  • On the payment page fill out in your credit card details - we accept most card types accept AmEx. The amount you will be paying at the end of the text at the top of the page. When you have completed your card details click on the "Pay Now" button. This will charge your card for the required amount and if successful will send you a second email containing a receipt for the payment.
  • NOTICE: You may then be returned to a blank payment form - look for a green line at the top reading "Payment has been accepted" if this is present your payment has been made and you should receive the 2nd email.
If any of the details you have given us are incorrect or need to be changed in the future please contact our membership team at to have the required changes made to our records.

Your registrations are not complete until a successful payment has been made. However if there is a problem with the payment - or you choose to complete the payment later - the first registration receipt email will contain a link to complete the payment.

Postal / Email Registration

However we know that not everyone wants to use on-line registration - so we are also providing a postal / email registration mechanism - with payment options that should be available to most people in the UK and elsewhere.

Above you will find a button to open a PDF registration form. You can choose to print this out, fill it in manually and then mail it to us at the address on the form. Otherwise, you can download the form and fill it in on your computer and then email it to us. 

The form should be linked / accompanied by one of three payment methods

  • A Cheque drawn on a UK back account - this should be made out to the correct amount and made payable to "Eastercon 2017". It should be enclosed in the envelope with the filled out registration form and posted to the address on the form.
  • Send a PayPal payment to After which you can then post the complete form to the address given on the form or email the edited form to

  • Make a BACS transfer to the sort code, account number and payment reference given on the form. Then post the completed form to the address given or email the edited form to
Don't be surprised if the payment receipt you get back from the payment is familiar. To get the convention up and running as quickly as we have we are re-using some banking aspects of the 2014 Worldcon.
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