Fan Bar and Fan Food

The Fan Bar & Fan Food Lounge

The Fan Lounge is in the Library Suite - where there will be tabled seating for 150 people and standing room for many more than that. The lounge is where you'll find the Fan Bar and the Fan Food

The Fan Bar

There is no getting around it, standard Hilton Hotel bars can be expensive and not that exciting. To counter this we have the Fan Bar that will be serving the standard bar products, but at a 10% discount making it a little bit cheaper. But also to make it a little more interesting, the Hotel will be serving a range of real ales from the Purity brewery and a still cider from Henney's in the Hotel Lobby. The real ales and cider that will be on sale from Thursday are:

Pure Gold
(3.8% ABV,  IBU 42) - is a refreshing golden ale with a dry and bitter finish. Brewed with English Maris Otter, Caragold, Caramalt and Wheat malts, plus Pilgrim, Styrian and Hereford Goldings, Styrian Bobek and Citra hops. Winner of nine awards.

Pure UBU
(4.5% ABV, IBU36) - is a distinctive, full flavoured beer with a sweeter finish. Brewed with English Maris Otter, Crystal, and Wheat malts, with Pilgrim and Cascade hops. Winner of seven awards.

Mad Goose (4.2% ABV, IBU48) - is a zesty pale ale with a smooth and citrusy finish. Brewed with English Maris Otter, Caragold and Wheat malts, with Pilgrim bittering hops and Cascade and Willamette aroma hops. Winner of five awards.

Bunny Hop (3.5% ABV, IBU 55) - is an extra hopped pale ale brewed with Maris Otter, Lager Malt, Cara Pils and Wheat Malts. Then generously hopped with Pilgrim, Eureka, El Dorado and Chinook. It is a bold beer, which perfectly balances its low abv of 3.5%, pale malts and powerful hops.

Henney's Vintage Still Cider (6.5% vol) - is made from a single year pressing and is naturally still. Appley and Intense with a real depth of flavour it tastes of late summer with notes of apricot, herbs and apply crumb.
Fan Food

Our aim is to provide a selection of reasonably priced options offering a variety of choices for each meal service. Our meal servings will be

    Lunch - 12:30 to 15:00
    Dinner - 17:30 - 20:00

There will also be a serving of a Chef's selection of the below options on Thursday for Dinner.

There will also be a serving of midnight snacks including Bacon Butties and open all day a tuck shop selling Chocolate, Crisps and Soft Drinks at £1.20 a 300ml can.

Each meal service should provide the following menus
  • Friday Lunch: American, Thai, Jacket and Desserts
  • Friday Dinner: British, Caribbean, Jacket and Desserts
  • Saturday Lunch: British, Middle Eastern, Jackets and Desserts
  • Saturday Dinner: American, Middle Eastern, Jackets and Desserts
  • Sunday Lunch: American, Caribbean, Jackets and Desserts
  • Sunday Dinner: British, Thai, Jackets and Desserts
  • Monday Lunch: British, Thai, Jackets and Desserts
  • Monday Dinner: American, Jackets and Desserts

    The Jacket Potatoes menu - Priced between £4.00 and £5.50
    The British or American menu - Priced between £5.50 and £6.50
    The Thai, Middle Eastern or Caribbean menu - Priced between £5.50 and £6.50

So at each meal service there will be one Budget menu, a non-spicy menu and a spicy menu. We've tried as much as possible to cater for all dietary needs and the details of each menu is below, items marked V are Vegetarian, VG are Vegan, GF are Gluten Free and DF are Dairy Free:
    The Jacket Potato Menu

    Basic jacket potatoes are £4.00 and will come with either

        Cheese (GF)
        Beans (V,VG,GF,DF)
        Coleslaw (GF,DF)

    Alternative toppings are available for  £1.50 supplement. These are:

        Tuna Mayonnaise (GF,DF)
        Beef Chilli (GF,DF)
        Chicken Korma (GF,DF)
        Vegetable Korma (V,VG,GF,DF)

    The American Menu

    This menu offers you the following choices

        A 6oz gourmet burger in a brioche bun - £6.50
        A Vegetable burger in a burger bap - £6.50 (V, VG)
        Char grilled hotdog in brioche bun - £5.50
        Vegetable sausage in hot dog bun - £5.50 (V)
        Assorted Pizza Slices - £2.50 (V)
        Spicy Potato Wedges - £3.00 (V, VG, GF, DF)

    All served with optional accompaniments of Fried Onion, Rocket, Gherkin, Tomato and Cucumber. With either Garlic
    Mayonnaise, Herb Mayonnaise, Tomato Ketchup, Brown Sauce or Mustard.

    You can add Cheese for 50p and Beef Chilli for £1.00.

    The British Menu

    This menu offers you the following choices

        Shepherd's pie with green peas - £6.00 (GF)
        Seasons Vegetable Pie - £5.00 (V,VG,GF)
        Fried Fish & Chips - £6.00

    The Thai Menu

    This menu offers the following choices

        Thai Green Chicken curry with jasmine rice - £6.00 (GF,DF)
        Thai Red Vegetable curry with jasmine rice - £5.50 (V,VG,GF,DF)
        Chicken & Prawn Noodles - £6.00 (DF)
        Sweet & Sour Vegetable Noodles - (V,VG,DF)

    All are optionally garnished with coriander and chopped chillies.

    The Middle Eastern Menu

    This menu offers you the following choices

        Slow cooked pulled harissa lamb - £5.50 (DF,GF)
        Lebanese seven spiced chicken kebab - £5.50 (DF,GF)
        Zaatar spiced grilled fish skewers - £5.50 (DF,GF)
        Seven spiced vegetable skewers with Halloumi - £5.50 (V,GF)

    Served with choice of Salad, Bread and sauces and optionally accompanied by Cous cous and Fennel Slaw.

    The Caribbean Menu

    This menu offers you the following choices

        Jerk Chicken, ride & peas - £6.00 (GF,DF)
        Goat curry and rice - £6.00 (GF,DF)
        Spiced Fish with Corn Hash & Chilli Salsa - £6.00 (GF)
        Roast pumpkin curry with tomato rice - £5.50 (V,VG,GF,DF)
        Grilled corn on the cob - £3.50 (V,VG,DF)

    all optionally accompanied by Mango coleslaw and Rainbow salad.

    The Desserts Menu

    This menu offers you the following choices
Sponge Cake - £3.00 (V)
Apple Pie - £3.00 (V)
Strawberry Torte - £3.00 (V)
Apple Pudding - £3.00 (V)
Chocolate Cake with Raspberries - £3.00 (V)
Bread Pudding Souffle - £3.00 (V)
Crepes - £3.00 (V)
Raspberry Sorbet - £4.20 (V,VG,GF,DF)
Lemon & Basil Sorbet - £4.20 (V,VG,GF,DF)

The sorbets come in tubs or cones - are only GF if in tubs
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