Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


We want everyone to enjoy their time with Innominate, so please be considerate of other members at the convention and in the relevant activities and discussions before and after it. Small acts of kindness and forethought can make a real difference - such as making it easier for other people to get around the con, giving up your chair to someone who needs it more, and generally being aware of other people in your surroundings.

But in particular we will not tolerate harassment or abuse, including both online and in person, for any reason including, but not restricted to:

  • Ability
  • Age
  • Appearance
  • Beliefs
  • Clothing
  • Gender
  • Identity
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation

This applies both at the convention and to any forums relevant to the convention in the lead up to, at, and after the convention, and applies to you whether you're at the convention or elsewhere.

Should any member feel they have been subjected to harassment or abuse then:

  • If at the convention - They (or a friend) should inform the convention. This can be done by either going to the sign posted "Operations Desk" who will immediately contact the duty committee member, or if they prefer they can go to any of the other committee members (all of whom should be clearly identifiable at the convention) to make their report.
  • If the event takes place online (outside of the convention time-frame) you should email convention at This is currently forwarding to the convention chair, but you may email any other member of the committee directly if you feel this is more appropriate.

Any issue raised will be investigated by the committee in a timely and sensitive fashion. We will attempt to be fair to all parties involved without compromising the sensitivity or timeliness of the report. Where appropriate a range of sanctions may be applied, up to and including withdrawal of membership (without refund) and, when possible, expulsion from the hotel. Suspected criminality will be referred directly to the West Midlands police force for investigation.

We are aware that it can take courage to make a report and sometimes this comes with time. Unfortunately due to the nature of annual, unconnected conventions without an umbrella body we cannot enforce long-term sanctions. We would therefore ask you that whenever you are able, you make your report as promtely as possible to help prevent the sanctions open to us from being limited. Please be assured that we will investigate your report whenever it is submitted and we will do whatever we can to support you.

Children at Innominate

As an inclusive convention, children and families are an important part of Innominate. Much of our programme will be accessible to younger members, with some items aimed specifically at them. In addition crèche facilities will be available at the convention for infants. For more information about this email the crèche liaison at

But please note, that with the exception of infants in the care of the crèche, all members below the age of 18 remain entirely the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times, and all children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or designated adult at all times when at the convention.

Costume and Weapons

Costumes are welcome at Innominate, and there will be a Hall Costume competition on the Saturday.

However, Innominate has a strict weapons policy that will be enforced. Weapons worn as part of a costume should be very obvious replicas or toys e.g. a pink plastic water pistol. Replica side-arms must be peace-bonded and larger replica weapons may only be carried at the discretion of the Head of Operations. Members not adhering to this policy will have their weapons confiscated for the duration of the convention.

Membership Badges

Please display your badge prominently at all times. Only convention members and hotel staff should be in the convention areas and if your badge cannot be seen you will be challenged.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones should be switched off or put into silent mode when in programme items.

Photography and Audio/Video Recording

In general you are welcome to take photos and make recordings at the convention so long as they are for your personal use and are not been made for commercial purposes - when permission must be sought from the convention. However

  • If anyone ask not to be photographed / recorded this request must be respected. Not to do so would be a breach of our code of conduct and be considered harassment.
  • If the photographs / recordings are to be posted or otherwise be made public, those being photographed / recorded should be asked if they are willing for this to happen. If they are not their wish to remain private must be respected.
  • Most panels and programme items will allow photography / recording to take place during the item, or at a specific moment in the item. But some items will not allow any photography or recording at any time. The status of the item you are attending will be declared at the start, but if you arrive late and are unsure you should assume photography / recording is not allowed. Please respect this for the benefit of everyone at the item, both panellists and audience.

  • Photography and video recording of the art-show is forbidden
  • Some dealers may not allow photographs or video recording of their stock. Please inquire of the dealer before taking any photographs or making a recording.

Posters and Leaflets

You are welcome to leave flyers for your convention or SF group in most areas of the convention, including the dealers' and fan tables' area and the fan-lounge/bar. The main exceptions to this are the Art-Show, the Guest of Honour Exhibits and the floor of the hotel. But please look out for other restrictions we do not know at this time.

However, leaflets should not be distributed in the hotel's general public spaces - such as the hotel bars & restaurants.

Similarly please restrict posters etc. to the same convention spaces in areas designated as being suitable for the hanging of posters using designated hanging materials.

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